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Managing property for owners and being a Landlord is always a challenge.  We are striving to push down costs for everyone be it tenants, landlords or ourselves, here’s one way which we’re planning on doing just that soon.

Back in December we became aware of a company offering a simple solution to help keep heating costs down.  Anyone running an H.M.O. will appreciate that often these houses have very high heating bills because each of the tenants like to change the temperature to their liking.  This leads to thermostat yo-yoing back and forth, sometimes on a daily basis as each person sets it just so.  To be honest, it’s their home so why shouldn’t they?  For owners this means high costs.

We’ve heard stories of some landlords stopping tenants from using the thermostat entirely!  We think we can keep everyone happy!

Starting in January we have been trialling a new heating control system from Heat Genius.  Support over the phone during the lead up to purchasing was excellent,  offering in depth knowledge answering all of our questions fully.

Our goal now is to run the system to test everything works as expected with the aim of savings being made on the bills.  As soon as we can confirm that this is the case we will be making the transition to our rented houses.

How does it work you ask?

Heat Genius have developed a small control box which sits quietly, tucked away next to your broadband router.  This is the brains of the operation.  It tells the rest of the system what to do.  On top of this there are new TRV’s, thermostatic radiator valves, which go in each room you want to control along with a PIR sensor so the system can detect when someone is present, and a new thermostat.

With these few products, from a computer, tablet or mobile phone you can set-up each room to independently heat up for any amount of time then go off again.  You aren’t using some of the rooms in the house so why heat them?  Have a tenant move out?  No problem, just turn the heating in their room down/off remotely.  Because each room can be heated individually, all of the tenants are happy, they can have their room just right.  We have some shift workers so where once the entire house used to be heated 24/7, now it’s just the rooms when the occupants are home.  This has the potential to save a lot of money.


Visit https://heatgenius.co.uk for more information.

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